We’re Here for All Pet Parents

Here at Vipluxpets, we respect and value all pet parents’ unique needs and believe everyone should have access to the low prices and convenience vipluxpets has to offer. We’re also aware that some pets are more than loving companions; they can provide safety, confidence, and independence to those with emotional, cognitive, and physical impairments. That’s why we’re working hard to make VIPLuxPets the most trusted and convenient online destination for all pet parents.

Understanding User Needs First

We believe designing intuitive online experiences starts with talking to users with disabilities and understanding their diverse needs.

Making Accessibility Part of Every Stage

We’re involving our accessibility experts at each stage of the product development lifecycle. From the moment a product idea is conceived, through research, design, and development, we think about the experience from the perspective of users with disabilities.

Building a Consistently Accessible Experience

We’ve created the VIPluxpets Design System, a collection of reusable components our developers use when building new interfaces. We’re integrating accessibility into this system and are testing each component’s support for screen readers, screen magnifiers, speech input, and keyboard access. This helps VIPluxpets create consistent and familiar user experiences, no matter where you are on our site

Optimizing Our Learning and Education

We’re learning more and more each day about what can make our customer experience intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone to use.